Sunday, 8 July 2012

Summer Baby

Thanks Giving For a Summer Baby

When it comes to home schooling and a new arrival there is probably never an 'ideal' time but I definitely gave thanks that our Little Boy Blue was a summer baby! 

Although we don't take a complete holiday from schooling, as in no school for 6 weeks like the public schools, (only when we are actually away do we do this) it was nice to feel less pressure on me during the summer months than I feel during the winter ones. Winter is when we are all generally inside due to the Scottish weather but that can also apply to some of our summers too!

So our summer months basically ran from when I was first admitted to hospital until mid September. A long summer some of you may think but we were all learning a lot, mostly we were learning how to be a family of five instead of four! I had also prepared some packs with things that could be picked up and used as needed by me, daddy, granny or even the boys themselves.

In my next post I'll share some important lessons we learned during this time & some of the things I had prepared but until then I leave you with this beautiful picture of 

our three handsome boys. xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Indroducing Little Boy Blue

This is our Little Boy Blue

I have been wondering where & how to start this blog for Little Boy Blue Tot School because there has never been a time when our youngest hasn't been part of our home school. Even as a baby he has had great impact to how our homeschool day has gone!

I suppose every homeschooler who has more than one child has come across the dilemma of what happens to homeschool when a baby comes along. I'm also sure that there are more & better qualified mums out there to help in this area but I feel the need to share our experiences with you all. 

A Bit of History

Prior to the arrival of our youngest we had just, I felt, got into our grove and routine of homeschool. With my 2 other boys under 2 years apart in age there were many things we could do together, I also had the added advantage of deciding to homeschool early and researched a lot! One book in particular by Raymond & Dorothy Moore spoke about 'better late than early' especially with boys, so I had myself primed to take it slow, to enjoy playing with the added bonus of learning something if it happened! We had been slowly introducing what I call more academic learning with our eldest (then coming 6) and our middle child (then coming 4) was coming along for the ride as and when he showed any interest.

Early Arrival

At 34 weeks pregnant I ended up in hospital for nearly a week in suspected labour & possibly breach but it never amounted to anything and a scan showed baby was head down! Then again within a few days of being at home I was back in again! This time however they were reluctant to let me home due to the 45 min drive to get back, so a day before 36 weeks pregnant Little Boy Blue was born! For about a week he had no name, till we finally narrowed it down to 3, being unable to reduce it any further he was given all 3! Drew Calvin Craig and how did we decide on the order? Well thats the order they were on the list so thats the order they were put on his Birth Certificate!

Now you have the background I will (in future posts) discuss how he has been incorporated into out homeschool routine.